Squash, Badminton and Table Tennis Booking Rules

  • Members can book courts 14 days prior from 7 am. In other words, a new "booking sheet" is automatically added to the system 14 days prior at 7 am.
  • Members should select their opponent's name to show on the booking sheets.
  • Peak-times:
    • Squash: Monday - Thursday, bookings starting between 5.45 pm and 8.45 pm (finishing 9.30 pm)..
    • Badminton: Monday - Friday, bookings starting beteen 6 pm and 8 pm (finishing 9 pm).
    • Table Tennis: Monday - Thursday, bookings starting between 6.30 and 8.30 pm (finising at 9 pm)
    • All other start times are off-peak.
  • Online booking (court reservation ) fees.
    • The booking fees are displayed on the booking sheets.
    • Members must have sufficient booking system credit in order to book a court.
    • To credit their accounts, Members will need to purchase £5 top-up vouchers at the bar and then apply the voucher to their account by using either the touch screen "kiosk" system at the club or by logging into the Booking System Website on the following web address (URL): https://barntgreensportsclub.mycourts.co.uk
  • Light meters:
    • Squash 50p per 45 minutes at all times.
    • Badminton 50p per 30 mins at all times.
  • Late-Cancellation policy:
    • When unable to use a reserved court, members should cancel as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
    • For off-peak bookings, the booking fee is automatically refunded when the booking is cancelled at any time prior to start time.
    • For Squash and Badminton peak bookings:
      • The booking fee is automatically refunded when cancelled more than 2 days (48 hours) prior to start time.
      • When cancelled within 2 days (48 hours) prior to start time:
        • No charge on the first occasion.
        • £2.00 "late-cancellation" fee on all subsequent occasions.
        • The late-cancellation fee is automatically refunded as soon as the same court is re-booked.
    • The Table Tennis booking fees are fully refundable at all times.
  • Check-in / No-Show policy:
    • The member (or selected opponent) who booked the court is required to check-in to confirm court usage 1 hour prior to the reserved start time (or within 40 minutes after playing) when playing as follows.
      • Squash, check-in required at all times
      • Badminton, check-in required at peak times only (not required off-peak)
      • Table Tennis, check-in not required.
    • To check-in, please swipe your membership card on the reader attached to the kiosk computer at the club.
    • Failure to check-in will register the booking as a "no-show" and will be charged as follows.
      • No charge on the first occasion.
      • On subsequent occasions, �5 per peak-time squash and badminton no-show, or �1 per squash off-peak no-show.
    • On each occasion, the system sends an email notification at 10am on the day following the no-show with instructions on how to check-in the next time.
  • Members with outstanding late-cancellation or no-show charges may need to top-up their booking system accounts prior to booking more courts.

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